Real-time Trading Insights

Context is Key to
Unlocking the Markets

Markets Chat is a real-time trading room platform designed for traders to connect and engage with others as it happens: combining screen sharing, video, and chat, with expertise and trust.
With numerous rooms led by market gurus sharing live charts and insights, users gain additional context and stay continually informed, leading to smarter trading decisions.

We define trading room operators as Leaders. We’ve designed our system so that Leaders bypass all the complexities of running a business to allow charging for your time. Markets Chat provides the framework, from beginning to end, freeing you to focus solely on your content and growing your Follower audience.

Stop paying for overpriced Zoom or bad webinar services, you can open your trading room for free on our platform — and when you are ready to charge, we offer up-to 70/30 split compensation model.


We define regular traders that are looking for the right room(s) to join as Followers.

Trading can be a lonely business, often you can benefit from viewing the markets through a lens other than your own and better understand current conditions and market context.

Join a room, or a few, with confidence. Markets Chat is standing behind the process so that Leaders set proper expectations and are verified.

Why Markets Chat?

Bringing the same high-quality content you’ve come to expect from NexusFi, Markets Chat content will be moderated to ensure it meets the expectations of our community, filtering out all the noise, and focusing only on the markets.

We are your advocate. You can trust our process to establish guidelines that protect traders and set realistic expectations. If you are unhappy, you will be given a prompt refund, simple as that.

Trusted, Verified
and Secured

Avoid scams with multiple layers of protection.
Enforcement of Realistic Expectations Backed by a Guaranteed Refund Policy
Optional Identity Verification and Broker Statement Verification of Leaders
We're with you
each step of the way
All Global Exchanges are Supported
Global Exchange Markets
Options Futures Stocks Crypto
Spaces are organized by instruments
Leaders will organize by Room(s) they create
Rooms are the connection between the Leader and Follower
Rooms can hold dozens, hundreds, or thousands of Followers

I’ve been trading since 1999 and running the NexusFi community with over 150,000 members, since 2009.

I truly understand what traders are looking for, what they need, and what they demand. I aim to deliver just that.

Mike Boulter
Founder NexusFi & Markets Chat

Compensation for Leaders

Markets Chat is designed by traders, for traders.

Benefit from our audience, while we provide and manage:

Your Website, Articles/Blog, E-commerce Cart, Subscriptions, Refunds and Tech Support
Access to all Recorded Content from Room(s), Moderation Tools, Coupons, Email to Followers

Example Earnings

Our dynamic compensation model begins at 50/50 and increases in your favor by 1% every $100 of monthly gross revenue over $1,000, up-to a maximum of 70%.

We payout once a month via ACH or wire transfer, for free.

Room Priced at $ 29:
50 followers: $ 725/mo
500 followers: $ 10,150/mo

Room Priced at $ 99:
50 followers: $ 3,465/mo
500 followers: $ 34,650/mo

Client Portal

Our client portal lets you fully manage your room(s), engage with your Followers, and check your financial details; all while we handle the transactional requirements and details for you.

Identity Verification

Verification is optional until you reach $500 of gross revenue, at which point we will verify your identity using your cell phone and ID.

We’ll place a “Verified” status on your profile to let Followers know you’ve been checked out, but it's up to you if you want to disclose your name.

Statement Verification

Entirely optional, but if you elect to participate, it will bolster your reputation in the community.

We will increase your payout by 10% (up-to the maximum 70%) if you participate.


Realistic pricing with clear, upfront expectations, all with our money-back guarantee

Free Room


during beta period
bullet point dot
Free during beta period
bullet point dot
Access all free rooms
bullet point dot
Normally $14.99/mo
bullet point dot
Cancel anytime

Pro Room


monthly subscription
bullet point dot
Price set by Leader
bullet point dot
From $29 to $99
bullet point dot
Refund guarantee
bullet point dot
Cancel anytime

Pro Room


$$$ to $$,$$$ monthly
bullet point dot
Set your own schedule
bullet point dot
Set the room price
bullet point dot
Retain up-to 70% of your revenue
Feature Overview Free Rooms Pro Rooms
Refund Policy tick-mark tick-mark
Cancel any time tick-mark tick-mark
Real-time Analysis tick-mark tick-mark
Moderated Content tick-mark tick-mark
Global Exchange Support tick-mark tick-mark
Flexible Scheduling tick-mark tick-mark
Content Ownership tick-mark tick-mark
Website/Blog tick-mark tick-mark
Scam Protection tick-mark
Session Recordings tick-mark
Optional Identity Verification tick-mark
Optional Statement Verification tick-mark
E-Commerce Platform tick-mark
Email your Followers tick-mark
Free and Secure Payouts (Wire or ACH) tick-mark

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ’s for Leaders

Content Ownership:
Leaders maintain ownership of their content. We maintain chat session transcripts and screen sharing recordings, and make them available for Leaders to download. By using our platform, Leader grants Markets Chat distribution and marketing rights.
Vendor Marketing of Additional Products:
If the room Leader also sells other trading-related products or services, they will be permitted to highlight them in their room. Soon, you’ll be able to sell them via your own E-commerce store provided by our platform.
It’s your room, so you decide the amount of time you devote to it. We require clear expectations be set upfront for followers, so you will fill out a calendar and list the hours that you will be broadcasting. This is categorized as “best-effort”, so no penalty for a sick day.
Taxes on your Earnings:
For US Citizens, we send you a W-9 when you reach the annual threshold of $500, and then annually send a 1099-MISC. For non-US Citizens, we send you a W8-BEN which you will need to return to us before we are able to process your first payout.
Emailing your Followers:
You can remain in contact with your Followers using our platform or your own. For instance, you could send daily or weekly emails to them. You’ll receive an email list of your Followers; their email addresses will be proxied through Markets Chat (example: [email protected]). This allows us to protect their original email address and honor unsubscribe requests, as we promise to our customers.
Pricing your Room(s):
You can have more than one room (with different focuses). The room can be paid, or free. If you elect for paid, the range is from $29/mo to $99/mo, priced per Follower, per month. We payout to Leaders once a month via ACH or wire, for free.

FAQ’s for Followers

No questions asked refunds, period.
Rooms are well moderated. No rude behavior, no scrolling through 100 junk messages to find the good stuff.
Shared video is always recorded and available to room Followers. The chat sessions are also maintained, ready for you to catch-up whenever you wish.
Privacy and Protection:
We do not provide your name or email address to Leaders. We also have Identity Verification and Broker Statement Verification programs to protect you.
$14.99/mo which gives you access to all the free rooms. For paid rooms, we will credit your $14.99 towards any paid room, so you don’t have to pay twice.